by Russell Gurule

RUSSELL'S NM RUNNERS RUNDOWN: CHAPTER 7 - runners games are fun

What is fun about a Runners game? This is a question that I have asked myself recently. Saturday's game may have answered that question. The Runners were down and out throughout the 1stand 2ndperiod. The game looked to be running away from the Runners as the Colorado Inferno were finding the back of the net at a consistent pace. The game seemed out of reach, would we see the Runners blown out on its home field?

Yet low and behold, here come the Runners storming back in the 3rdperiod. The crowd roared its approval as we all began to sense the possibility of a victory. The game was all tied up 7-7. Could we finally break through and get the W? Colorado had other plans, with just a couple of minutes left in the game. The Inferno were able to sneak in two more goals for the victory.

But back to the question, what is fun about a Runners game? I've concluded that anyone you meet would have a different answer to that question. For me, its the excitement in seeing something organic grow here in New Mexico. I can imagine all the seats in the Rio Rancho Event Center being filled one day. Can you see it? The possibilities seem endless once you start dreaming. Maybe it's the excitement of writing an event down on the calendar. I can say all of the above is what makes the Runners fun for me.

This coming weekend is another test as the Runners go on the road again to face the Amarillo Bombers and Wichita Wings on Friday and Saturday. I am sure we will all be watching the stream as the Runners work to get on the right track against the two top teams in the Midwest division. Fortunes could change in an instant. We are bound to hit pay-dirt soon.

The New Mexico Runners are now in their fourth season and doing better than ever. This thing of ours is growing. The fifth season of Runners indoor soccer promises to be a very good one. But for now, the final home game which is coming soon, is an opportunity to finish the season with a bang. I hope to see you there as we finish this journey we call a season.

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