by Andres Trujillo

RUSSELL'S NM RUNNERS RUNDOWN: CHAPTER 6 - force for the future

Did you enjoy last week's game? The Runners may have played their best game of the season up to this point. I hope you saw the first period, because I missed it due to my forgetting important camera equipment, a battery. Yet I was able to see what would become a game of defense with both sides going punch for punch. The first period was a fireworks show with both sides hitting the back of the net within the first couple of minutes. 

Neither team could develop a comfortable lead. Heading into the fourth period both sides were knotted up at 8-8. Amazingly, the score would stay that way until the end of regulation. Lovers of defense would bookmark this period as a highlight of the season. 

The fourth period was a stalemate as each side defended it's goal till the clock showed zero. It would lead to the first overtime of the season. Overtime is a ten minute period and the first goal would decide the game. The Wings were able to puncture through the Runners' defense for the winning goal, giving them a 9-8 victory. 

It may have been a disappointing loss against one of the top teams in the Midwest division. But it leads to some optimism. The Runners are proving that they can play with the best and possibly be the best in the Midwest division of the MASL2.

It's been a wild ride trying to find the win column. Each week the Runners have gotten better since the season has started. We may not like the results in the standings. Yet, this group is becoming a force for the future of Runners indoor soccer. Goalie Nate Yeager has been the minister of defense this season. Mehrshad Ahmadi is a wizard with the ball and has already surpassed 30 goals. 

The roster has been very consistent with many contributors making memorable plays. There are plenty of fan favorites in this group. It's easy to like this team. The future does indeed look bright. 

But while we hope for the future, there is still four games left for this season. There is plenty of opportunity to finish on a winning note. Two are at home. So you know what that means. Let's run the table!

I'll see you at that next match!

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