Russell's NM Runners Rundown: Chapter 5

by Russell Gurule


What is the definition of momentum? In the Merriam-Webster dictionary it is defined as: strength or force gained by motion or a series of events. No question the Runners have gone through a series of events these last four weeks. But there's a sense that the momentum is coming in the right direction.

In the beginning of the season, the Runners were walking on sunshine. The last four weeks have experienced everything from a shortage of goal keepers to Head Coach Famiglietta becoming the oldest goal scorer in indoor soccer history. Last Saturday against the Colorado Inferno in the first period, the Runners looked like their old selves. Yet, the victory was out of reach. The Runners are looking for that “Mojo”, the magic to ride the rest of the season.

But one thing that has stayed consistent, myself and my family's devotion to the Runners this season. We've followed through every high and low. I have to say that it is nice to follow a team without compromising any value or belief. It's sports entertainment without all the peripheral noise that we can easily see throughout the sports world today. 

It seems that in sports today, every game has a controversy outside the lines of play. The Runners have been drama free. It's been a journey this season with plenty of highs, lows, and of course some frustration. But that's the beauty of sports. That's why we love it! 

I could write this chapter rehashing everything that has happened these past four weeks. But what would be the fun in that? This Saturday is a big match! The Runners take on the Wichita Wings! The Wings are on top and the Runners are looking to get there. Let's fill the Rio Rancho Event Center and make some noise! The Runners will be walking on sunshine again. I'll see you at the next match!

I'll see you at that next match!

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