Russell's NM Runners Rundown: Chapter 2

by Russell Gurule

Russell's NM Runners Rundown: Chapter 2 - We've all Been Missing Out

Dear New Mexicans, you just don't know how exciting Runners action is! That's the conclusion I came to after attending my very first Runners game against the Amarillo Bombers. The atmosphere inside the spacious Rio Rancho Event Center was full of energy. The music coming out of the loud speakers gave the feel of a concert with the lights on. The introduction of players had all the pageantry that this is truly a professional game about to be played. 

But it was the action on the pitch that caught my attention. Watching Runners and Bombers fight for control of the ball while pinned against the side panels was a sight to behold. It was like a combination of several sports all in one brief moment. The constant sprints and passing made the game feel like a continuous fast break in basketball. The loud sounds of the ball bouncing off the boards on a missed shot is definitely unique to indoor soccer. 

Watching Runners goalie Nate Yeager block shot after shot with a smile on his face made me an instant fan. Seeing Runners Mehrshad Ahmadi dribbling down the pitch towards another goal to the music of “baby I like it” made everything seem in harmony. This is a game that truly has a feel good vibe. 

The Bombers of course had other plans. The game itself seemed like a test to see who could score the most goals. The Bombers went up by one goal. Yet, the Runner faithful didn't leave their seats for a second. There was a calm as if to say, Yes! We have this! The Runners will pull through, and so they did. The flood gates opened and the Runners went on scoring rampage to win the match 11-8. 

I watched the crowed leap for joy, creating an atmosphere of happiness on a Saturday afternoon. If I was asked to describe a Runners match. I'm not sure where I would begin. There's so much to be said. I think I would describe indoor soccer as a game of intelligence in a chaotic atmosphere that requires a tremendous amount of effort. Any player not giving effort will easily be exposed in this game. That is the one true observation I had watching my first Runners game. 

In closing, this Runners team gives the impression of an experienced calm veteran club. I could see that translating to a potential playoff run. I look forward to the next home match against the Colorado Inferno FC. I'm not sure how good they are, but I am confident the Runners will make it a good game. I hope to see you there!

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