by Russell Gurule


When does our ship come in? Maybe that's the question everybody in Runner nation is asking this season. This season the seas have been rough as the Runners have battled each wave coming through. Unlike last season where injuries were king. The Runners have been very close to having a complete game, an exciting fun-fulfilled game. Yet, victory has been just beyond their grasp. 

This season has been a thin margin for error, the Runners have lost two games by a total of two goals. The other games have seen brief moments were the opponent has been able to get away, and thus complete the victory. But enough of this gloominess. We watch and play sports for the chance to feel joy and have something to talk about outside of everyday life. Sports gives us that thing called hope. Hope is a belief in a better life, that anything is possible. Imagination is the driver of hope. It's our capacity to visualize things that do not exist yet.. I know.. This is supposed to be a sports article about an indoor arena soccer team. 

But imagine if you will, the Runners going on a long winning streak into the playoffs. Yes, the goal is still the playoffs. If the ball bounced a different way in several moments in past games, the Runners could easily be on a winning streak right now. That's how close the Runners are at this moment in the season. There are plenty of games left, more opportunity awaits this season. 

Several Runners have had some inspiring performances, such as Midfielder Vince Aragon with four-goals against the Kansas Bandits. Forward Julian Garcia also contributed three-goals in the game as well. Midfielder Austin Snyder had two-goals against the Amarillo Bombers. Plus, Head Coach Steve Famiglietta just had his birthday this week. 

This Sunday the Runners will be searching for that hope against the second year franchise the Kansas Bandits, a team they only lost too by one goal earlier this year. The chance for redemption is near, and maybe the seas will calm and the Runners can get on a wave of winning. Sunday is a celebration of the 90's. Who can forget the 90's? Perhaps it was the last normal decade. But one thing is for sure, it was a decade of hope. The Runners are still in this race, and fanny packs will make a brief come back, imagine that. We'll see you Sunday!

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