by Russell Gurule


Can you feel it, I can! This season already feels different in a good way. New fans are here and more to come. But first a shout-out to all the boisterous fans in the stands last Saturday. The Runners were in a battle with the El Paso Rhinos while trading the lead throughout the game. But in one fatal swoop, the Rhinos were able to pull free from the Runners grasp. Yet Runners faithful were in it to the end. 

Last week's game was a first between these two. I suspect this new rivalry will start to heat up as the season progresses. We are only in the beginning stages of the competition between the Rhinos and the Runners. So, stay tuned as the season progresses. 

But there's one rivalry that is well on fire. The Bombers of Amarillo are coming to the Event Center on Sunday. There's no love lost between the Runners and Bombers. Last season felt more like that other sport called football when the Runners and Bombers met on the field. These two played the most physical game of the season at Amarillo. Pushing and shoving, even Runners goalie Hector Castaneda was kicked in the head. Will there be yellow cards this time around? 

Now that 2023 has been dispatched, 2024 is young and full of promise. This year's Runners appear to be balanced with plenty of new faces. Goal scorer Jaime “Chiva” Rodriguez is already on the board with five goals. Veteran Vince Aragon also snagged a goal in the first contest. 

One of the new Runners for this season, Midfielder Daniel Sanchez made his debut. Colton Oord was solid on the defensive end. Midfielder Josh Garcia finished with a goal in the contest. This Sunday is going to be a big one for the Runners. These types of contests will determine what type of team the Runners are going to be this season. 

The Bombers already have a win over the Rhinos in a close contest along with a loss to the Wichita Wings. With the physicality of the Bombers and the Runners looking to redeem themselves, this could be a very fun game to watch. Christmas is over and so is New Years. Now is the perfect time to join the Runners for this season. Sunday, January 7th is the date. The first 100 through the door will receive a Runners scarf. 

Be loud and proud! The drive towards the playoffs continues.

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