Russell's NM Runners Rundown: Chapter 1

by Russell Gurule

Russell's NM Runners Rundown: Chapter 1 - Welcome to the 4th Season

Welcome to the beginning of the fourth season of New Mexico Runners indoor soccer. This will be a pivotal year for the Runners. After all that has happened in the last two years. The Runners are here and stronger than ever. I'm Russell Gurule, I hope you join me in this soccer journey this season.

This isn't my first rodeo following a professional team. I've had the pleasure of working with the Albuquerque Sol professional soccer team of the PDL. You may remember them from four years ago. I've also been very involved with the New Mexico Bullsnakes Pro basketball team of the ABA. But my main passion is covering high school boys basketball.

So if you were to tell me a year ago that I'd begin this journey with the Runners, I probably would've been surprised. It's something I hadn't considered before. Maybe indoor soccer is something you haven't considered either. Yet, here we are together trying something new. 

The Runners is truly an entrepreneurial success story. How does one start a professional indoor soccer team and play in a facility like the Rio Rancho Event Center? Just ask President and CEO Andres Trujillo. He and his family have started this thing from the ground up. But this isn't Andres' first rodeo either. 

Andres is one of the original co-founders of the Duke City Gladiators indoor football team. He is also a former investor of the Albuquerque Sol and has been involved in many sports projects. Andres is also the director of the New Mexico Games. Yes, the Runners are in good hands. Andres is the leading sports industry expert here in New Mexico. So let's see what he's put together.

This season the Runners have Head Coach Steve Famiglietta who is in the USL soccer Hall of Fame. Head Coach Famiglietta already has one win on the board with a victory over the Kansas Bandits 7-1 in Dodge City, KS. Mehrshad Ahmadi brings a scoring punch to this team. Goal keeper Hector “Chuckie” Castaneda brings a solid defense for the Runners. This team has been competitive out the gate. 

The first home game of the season should be an exciting match-up against the formidable Amarillo Bombers who already have a victory over powerhouse Wichita. The doors open at 12:30 on Jan 7th at the Rio Rancho Events Center with plenty events before kickoff. Oh by the way, it's Rio Rancho Community day. All Rio Rancho residents get in free with valid photo I.D. I hope to see all of you there as we begin this journey.

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