New Partner: Vivify Hot Yoga

by Andres Trujillo

Rio Rancho, N.M. (August 13, 2019) - The New Mexico Runners have an Official Hot Yoga Partner in the upcoming 2nd season. Vivify has jumped on board for an exciting season 2 kicking off this December at the Santa Ana Star Center.

With hot yoga growing in popularity, the focus on our athlete wellness is a priority for top notch performance.

A main benefit of hot yoga is increasing flexibility. The heat will allow athletes to reach different levels of flexibility by being in a warm environment. Having an increased range of flexibility will also help with injury prevention.

By doing different types of exercising and stretching such as yoga, it makes athletes use muscles they are not used to using with normal activity. This will help build strength, with a focus on the spine.

Hot yoga is also cardiovascular where one 90 minute class could burn up to 1,000 calories.  The way participants stretch and compress their internal glands and organs stimulates the metabolism so they are burning calories. Besides being a great calorie burning way to stretch, it is also low impact.

Hot yoga also helps detoxing the body by sweating from the heat. The postures are a great way to detox muscles, organs, and glands. Also with detoxing the body, the body is healing. The heat, stretching, and postures can help heal any old injuries.

With any form of exercise, one needs to have some kind of endurance and stamina. With the deep breathing that is in involved combined with the heat, this will help athletes in their other forms of training.

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Thank you Vivify for your support in New Mexico's 1st Major Arena Soccer League team!


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