Locally-owned soccer team partners up with Roadrunner Food Bank for good cause

by Tamara Lopez - KOB 4

Locally-owned soccer team partners up with Roadrunner Food Bank for good cause

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A local soccer team is gearing up for the season, and we’re not talking about New Mexico United.

“We are in New Mexico, a 100% family-owned and operated sports team,” said Andres Trujillo, CEO of the New Mexico Runners. 

The New Mexico Runners are locally-owned and operated. The team announced Wednesday it has a very special partnership this year. 

“We know that poverty and hunger affects a lot of our neighbors, people that you probably know, people that are your neighbors, people that go to school with your own kids,” said Sonia Warwick with Road Runner Food Bank.  

The New Mexico Runners are teaming up with Roadrunner Food Bank, and they’ll be doing more than showcasing the food bank on this year’s jerseys. 

The locally-owned team also showcases local talent, and they’re excited to play for a cause. 

“It’s really exciting to showcase the amount of passion there is for the game, and have this be like a kind of like a lightning rod for the community, and a place for us to get together. It’s really cool as my first season taking part to be able to do this,” said Zack Estell, a New Mexico Runner player. 

Trujillo says the team is donating $10 to the Roadrunner Food Bank for every jersey sold at a home game this season. 

The food bank says $1 equals five meals they can donate, so these donations alone have the opportunity to provide 50 meals per jersey sold. 

“I just can’t express how amazing this partnership is, we’re just really looking forward to a great season with them,” said Trujillo. 

The first home game for the New Mexico Runners will be Jan. 7 at the Rio Rancho Events Center, where you watch them take on the Amarillo Bombers, and help out a good cause at the same time.