Steve Famiglietta Becomes Oldest Goal Scorer In Arena Soccer

by Andres Trujillo

At 57 years old, Steve Famiglietta becomes the oldest goal scorer in all of professional arena soccer and professional indoor soccer history.

In a game against the Wings in Wichita, Head Coach of the New Mexico Runners Steve Famiglietta was rostered due to low player numbers that made the trip. The 3rd quarter had a total of 9 goals scored in from both teams and even though the Wings started off with a goal in just over a minute, an exciting goal from New Mexico had the Wichita crowd cheering for the Runners.

Due to the reduced number in New Mexico’s roster, Head Coach Steve Famiglietta was suited up and ready to play if needed. The “bat signal” was seen in the sky and Famiglietta stepped on the field. At the 12:54 mark and with his first touch of the game and an assist from Terry Zamora, Famiglietta flipped the ball behind him with his heal in ESPN highlight fashion and scored. The crowd erupted in applause as there was recognition of an athlete who may be 57 years old, but can still compete with athletes who are 20-30 years younger.

Famiglietta now holds the record for the oldest goal scorer in Major Arena Soccer League history and arena soccer history. Many know that Fami has a very extensive history in soccer ranging from indoor to outdoor as well as an inductee to the USL pro soccer hall of fame.

A little more about Steve Famiglietta:

How to say Famiglietta: Fam-ee-let-tah

Head Coach Famiglietta who is also known as “Fami” in the local soccer community, is a USL soccer Hall of Famer and is a well-known soccer icon who has dedicated his entire life to the sport. Famiglietta is originally from Long Island, New York and moved to Rio Rancho, New Mexico with his family when he was in elementary school. He attended Cibola High School where he followed up his education at the University of New Mexico playing soccer. 

After playing at UNM, Famiglietta went on to play in the Southwest Indoor Soccer League (SISL) which later became the United Soccer League (USL) and continued to play indoor and outdoor soccer for numerous teams where he played as a player-coach on several of those teams.

His accomplishments in professional soccer are stacked and include being named to the USL All-Star team three times along with being named the USL Defensive Player of The Year twice. Prior to Famiglietta’s last season, he represented the USL touring Russia and since his playing career, he has been inducted into the USL Hall Of Fame as well as the Cibola High School Sports Hall Of Fame.

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*Photos by Andres Trujillo

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