Double Header on the Road

by Andres Trujillo

Rio Rancho, NM (March 9, 2019) – This weekend marks a double header road trip for the New Mexico Runners (3-6) as they travel to Colorado to face the Rumble (3-7) on Saturday night March 9th at 7 PM MT and the Inferno (8-3) on Sunday March 10th at 6 PM MT.

This will be a first for the Runners to play two road games in one weekend. The last time New Mexico played 2 games in one weekend was when they went down to El Paso on February 8th and turned right around to play at home on February 10th.

The Mountain Division has solidified its post season picks as the Cuervos and Inferno have grabbed their playoff spots by a 1st and 2nd place ranking.

This doesn't mean New Mexico will go down without a fight. The Runners have 3 games to go in their inaugural season and look to secure wins on all 3 road games.

Forward Jaime Rodriguez maintains his 2nd place ranking in the league when it comes to points (36) and goals scored (28) this season.

New Mexico's division is by far the most competitive division in the league as most statistics leaders come from the Mountain Division.

Even though the Runners dropped their last game against the Cuervos, this team in its infancy has come a long way. Most of the teams New Mexico has played features players that have played together for quite some time.

"I am proud of how far our boys have come. Even though we still have 3 games to go, I'm super excited to finish strong and get season two going!" Exclaimed Head Coach Steve Famiglietta.

The Runners head to Denver Colorado for Saturday's road game with a kick off time of 7 PM MT. Fans can watch the live broadcast stream between the Runners and the Rumble on the Rumble Facebook page by clicking HERE

New Mexico will then head south an hour to take on the Inferno on Sunday with a slated kick off time of 6 PM MT and Runners fans can watch the online stream on the Inferno Facebook Page by clicking HERE.

Runners fans can keep up to date on all Runners news by following the official website, and on Facebook and Twitter.

Photo Credits: Scott Adamson