COMMUNITY: Hands Are For Hugging Not Hurting

by Andres Trujillo

Albuquerque, N.M. (April 30, 2019) - The New Mexico Runners organization took part in the 4th Annual "Hands Are For Hugging not Hurting" event presented by Blessed and Beautiful at ABQ Party Space.

This event celebrated the lives of our children that we have here on Earth and honored all of the innocent lives of the children that have been lost to child abuse and to violence.

This FREE event was put on for everyone in Albuquerque and surrounding areas and featured a balloon release for the innocent lives lost to abuse. Many community members were invited including the New Mexico Runners. #3 Forward Korbin Krupiak as well as team mascot Rio joined event organizers to bring awareness to the unnecessary act of child abuse.

Krupiak and Rio hung out with kids, gave autographs and danced in a fun afternoon with family, a day where families can go without having to worry about money to have fun with their kids.

The main goal of the event was to educate the community about how to prevent or report child abuse, and to make a special day for our beautiful New Mexican children. 

Top Left Photo: Korbin Krupiak signs autographs for fans. Bottom Photo: Rio poses for a pic.