Coach Famiglietta On the Mend from Critical Surgery

by Andres Trujillo

Rio Rancho, NM (April 28, 2020) – Head Coach Steve Famiglietta is on the mend and successfully rehabbing from a critical surgery that took place about a month ago.

The USL pro soccer hall of famer was admitted to the hospital back in March with a severe infection that started in his right ankle and worked its way up his left knee. The infection started out as a bacterial staph infection that turned septic. 

His admission into the hospital sent him into surgery to get the infection removed where doctors later informed his wife that things were concerning as he was touch and go a few times.

Coach Famiglietta ended up getting his knee replaced and spent over 3 weeks isolated in his hospital room. Due to the COVID-19 situation, he couldn't see any visitors including his own wife.

After about 3 weeks Fami was sent in to a rehab and recovery facility where he would work on getting his knee movement underway. He was still unable to see his family due to the risk of exposure to other patients.

"It was tough being away from my family and even more tough to not be able to see them. Definitely felt as if I was incarcerated without the ability to leave my room." Said Famiglietta.

Coach Famiglietta was finally released from the recovery facility the week after Easter due to his speedy healing process. 

"I was ecstatic to finally come home to see my wife and family. The doctors were so impressed with my progress, they felt it was time for me to go home."

Fami is tasked by doctors to continue his rehab regimen at home with walks and gradual physical activity. Even though he is out of the hospital, he must still take medication through a PICC line to continue to fight off any remnants of the infection. The PICC line is expected to stay in his arm for up to 6 months.

A few Runners players have stepped up to help coach with his home maintenance as he must limit the amount of physical work he does. Goalkeeper Casey Gasson, Midfielder Mario Matute, Defender Colton Oord, along with former Runners player Nick Famiglietta all pitched in to help coach on April 25th. 

Team Owner Andres Trujillo said, "The Runners organization is so glad that Steve is doing well. We were worried there for a bit and I'm so thankful he's on the mend and back at home with this family."

His spirits are good and he's focused on getting healthy so that he's ready for the 3rd season New Mexico Runners arena soccer!

The New Mexico Runners play in the Major Arena Soccer League and had their season cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Runners had 3 games remaining in their season with one of those games slated as the home finale on March 21st. New Mexico finished the season with a record of 4-7.

The COVID-19 situation has hit the Runners hard as a locally owned business, but the organization continues the fight to ensure they kick off a third season. Season 3 is slated to kick off December 2020 at the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho.